Our Promise

We promise to communicate effectively as possible, to obtain results that make sense for you, your organization, your business, your career or your family. We engage in a four-step process.

Listen.  Think.  Communicate.  Repeat.

We listen.  We do not just “hear” your voicemail or “skim” your e-mail in a distracted manner. We listen to you on the telephone rather than multi-tasking on myriad cases simultaneously. We read your e-mail communications to us with undivided attention. We fully engage with you in recognition that you have taken valuable time out of your day to communicate with us.

We think. Once we have read or listened to your situation or concerns, it is incumbent upon us to think about what you have said, as well as what you haven’t said. We situate your matter in the broader context of immigration law, including recent adjudication developments and up-to-date options. We think about how we may help you achieve your goals in the simplest, most timely and cost-effective manner.

We communicate. We communicate our advice to you with transparency and on a real-time basis, even when the answers are difficult ones. We appreciate your intelligence and your own knowledge of your organization, your career or your family situation. By being transparent with you about our thoughts and your options, you will be in the best position possible to make the best decision possible.

Repeat. We repeat this process until we have arrived at a solution that is satisfactory to everyone involved.



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